Is Your Gel Nail Polish Safe?

Nail polish applications have seen a tremendous surge, with most women around the globe wearing some nail manicure or the other. While spending a lot of cash on nail polish is one aspect, the health aspect needs factoring. For example, are your gel manicures safe? Read on to know more about gel color nail polish and its upsides and downsides. We shall also discuss how to get the perfect gel manicure and safely remove gel polish.

Is Your Gel Nail Polish Safe

The Benefits of Gel Polish

One of the sterling positives of gel polish is that it lasts longer than traditional nail manicures and does not chip off frequently. A perfect gel polish application can comfortably last for up to two or three weeks. As a result, it reduces your frequent trips to the nail salon and saves time and money.

Gel nail polish is available in an exotic range of colors. However, the best aspect of gel polish is that you have many color options to suit every occasion, season, and, most importantly, your moods.

Gel polish can enhance your overall appearance and personality by several notches.

The Downsides of Gel Polish

Many people argue that exposure to UV radiation can cause cancer and other life-threatening diseases. However, it is not entirely true. If you look at it, exposure to the sun’s UV rays could have the same effect. Nevertheless, one cannot brush aside that a gel manicure does include substantial exposure to UV light. Therefore, it is essential to cure the polish and let it harden.

While exposure to UV light can cause harm, one can minimize it by applying sunscreen lotion to the skin or using sun-protection gloves with the fingertips snipped off.

Many people have reported nail damage after using nail gel polish. However, one can attribute the damage more to the incorrect usage of acetone nail polish removers than the nail polish itself.

The use of DIY manicure kits is also a significant demerit. They do not come with UV lamps as powerful as those used in nail salons. As a result, you spend more time under these lamps, increasing your exposure considerably.

The Ideal Manicure

Gel polish is an excellent manicure. While the manicure requires you to be adept at using both your hands, it is one of the easiest to master with practice. The procedure commences with preparing your nails for the manicure. It entails cutting and shaping your nails. One should ensure to file the edges and smoothen them. It prevents the lifting and chipping of the nail polish. Besides, you should ensure to push the cuticles into their grooves using a cuticle pusher.

The basecoat application is crucial. The thinner the basecoat, the better it is. The next step is the gel nail polish application. The procedure involves applying the polish uni-directionally. Otherwise, it can result in the smudging of the polish. The curing under the UV lamp is a critical aspect of a gel manicure. The curing allows the gel polish layer to stick to the basecoat perfectly. It also lends it the stability to last for extended periods.

The topcoat application decides whether you opt for a matte or a glossy finish. A single coat can end up as a matte finish, whereas multiple coats are necessary for lending the gloss feel. However, every topcoat application requires curing under the UV lamp.

Your gel nail manicure is now ready to last for three weeks.

The Removal Procedure

Compared to the dip powder removal procedure, this aspect of the gel manicure process is easy. All you do is use a sterilized nail file to chip off the gel nails’ top portion carefully. The idea behind this procedure is to reduce your acetone exposure as much as possible. Acetone can dehydrate your skin and cause the nails to become brittle.

One should be careful not to file off excess polish as it can result in scarring of the nail surface. In addition, it can take a long time to heal.

Once you skim off the top layers of gel nail color, you can go for the acetone soak. You can do it in many ways. One is by dipping your nails directly into the acetone solution. Alternatively, you can dip a cotton pad in acetone and gently rub it over your nail surface to remove the polish layer.

A better procedure is to place cotton balls dipped in acetone over the nails. It ensures that the nails alone get exposure to acetone. Thus, you protect the skin surrounding them. A 15-minute soak should be sufficient to remove the polish.

On removing the polish, you should massage your nails well with cuticle oil. It helps moisturize your nails and provides them with much-needed nourishment. Finally, a week’s rest is ideal for the nails to recuperate fully before you go for the next gel polish manicure.

Final Words

Though gel polish has its demerits, it is a safe procedure, provided you follow the correct application and removal procedures.