Dip Powder Problems and Solutions Everyone Should Know

Dip powder manicures are the best thing that has happened to cosmetics. Earlier, people did not have many options. They had to choose between acrylic nails, regular nail polish, and gel polish. Each of these manicures had its negative aspects. For example, acrylic nails were hard, whereas regular nail polish had a repulsive odor. In addition, gel polish manicures expose your nails to UV radiation.

Dip Powder Problems and Solutions Everyone Should Know

So, dip powder came as a breath of fresh air because it did not have many side effects. You had excellent products like OPI powder colors offering an exquisite range of colors and shades. However, dip powder manicures have their share of issues that everyone should know. This article discusses some problems with dip powder manicures and provides the solutions simultaneously.

Why do My Dip Nails Hurt at Times?

Using poor quality products

While dip powder enhances your overall beauty, poor-quality products can harm your nails. For example, a prominent ingredient in bad-quality dip powder can cause your nails to ache. We refer to MMA (methyl methacrylate), which can be extremely hard on your nails; FDA has banned the use of MMA, also found in acrylic nails. Usually, dip powders should contain PMA, a better alternative. But, cheap manufacturers flout rules and include MMA in their products.

MMA can damage your nail bed because the application process requires you to shred the nail surface for it to stick correctly. Besides, MMA does not come off easily even after applying acetone. It has to be broken down with force. Hence, your nail bed can get damaged.

Solution -You should look for the ingredients carefully in the dip powder. If it contains MMA, it is better to avoid the product. However, you can purchase quality products like OPI dipping powder nails that do not have MMA.

Too much filing can cause extensive damage

Buffing your nails is crucial because it roughs up the nail surface, allowing the base coat to stick to it. Usually, your nail has multiple layers, and buffing requires you to remove the top layer alone. But, you can overdo it at times. As a result, you withdraw more than one layer and expose the soft nail bed to the surface.

Dip powder and the liquids thus penetrate the nail surface and reach the skin beneath the nails to cause soreness. Therefore, if your nails feel sore when applying dip powder, stop the manicure before it does more damage.

Solution – Use a good quality nail buff to buff your nails gently. Please do not overdo it. Secondly, use good-quality products like OPI powder colors.

Pushing the cuticles too much can be painful

Nail experts recommend pushing cuticles into their grooves when having a dip powder manicure. However, some people cut their cuticles or push them too far inside, leading to bruises that can be painful. At times, there can be bleeding, causing a mess of your nails.

When you push the cuticles too far back, you injure the eponychium, which has blood flow and is alive. While pushing the cuticles hurt the eponychium, applying dip powders hurt because the area becomes sore.

Similarly, cutting your nail too close can expose the tender skin beneath the nails. Again, the dip powder can enter the delicate skin and cause soreness.

Solution – Pushing the cuticles is essential, but overdoing it is a strict NO. Instead, you should push them gently and ensure the process is not painful. Similarly, it is not advisable to cut your nails too deep. It is also better to use quality nail kits like OPI dipping powder nail kits which offer sterilized nail cutters and files.

Proper application is the key to a beautiful manicure

One should follow the correct procedure of dip manicures to ensure an excellent manicure. The proper process is applying a basecoat to the nail surface but steering away from the cuticle area. When applying the basecoat, leaving a 1-2mm gap from the cuticle is better. If the coat gets over the cuticles or skin, you should wipe them off immediately. Otherwise, dip powder could stick to the cuticle and the surrounding skin affecting the natural nail growth.

The result of an improper application is lifting the dip powder layer and its cracking.

Solution – Select the right products and avoid dangerous products like Krazy Glue, a crucial ingredient included in the bonder. Wiping Krazy glue off your skin can be extremely hard. So, choosing quality products and following the procedure is vital.

Final Thoughts

Dip powder manicure is the most straightforward manicure that does the least harm to your nails. Besides, you can reduce collateral damage by following the proper procedure. Secondly, insist on purchasing quality products like OPI powder colors that do not contain any harmful ingredients to damage your nails.