Do You Know Gel Gelixir & This Type of Soak off Gel Polish Colors?

You guys have already known a lot about nail technology of doing nails but have you ever wondered why the nail technologies and methods need to be improved every day? Because society is becoming more and more modern, it is busy and hasty. The girls need their nail to be done so quickly that they still have to ensure beautiful and shimmering nail designs. At the same time, the gel colors polish that applied on their nails must be easy to clean and not damage the natural nails. That’s why gel Gelixir has brought customers this new technology to meet the needs of most women in modern society. Gelixir Soak off gel polish colors has always been favored because of its reasonable price and top quality in the price range.

Somethings about Gelixir Soak off Gel Polish Nail Colors

Gel Gelixir

Gel Gelixir is a premium line of nail polish from the USA, each bottle of this gel polish has a capacity of 15ml, it will last a long time if you use it correctly and with soak-off technology, Gelixir soak off gel polish colors is increasingly popular with beauty girls, it gives users an experience of smoothness, brilliance and shine after each nail set is completed without worrying about peeling or rough layers. polish, on the other hand, when you need to remove the gel polish, you only need to soak the gel nails in a specialized cleaning solution for a very short time, thanks to the “easy to soak off” feature. Your gel nails will be easily removed without being abrasive.

The unique blend of colors with advanced gel nail formulas makes it possible to both beautify and have effective nail care without fear of risk.

Soak off gel polish is a new method of gel nail polish colors with significant improvements, so the gel polish manicure process is also very easy to do at home with just an LED or UV nail lamp to get the perfect and nice- looking nail sets. In particular, not all companies and gel polish brands have the “easy to Soak-off” products. They have new colors and features that not all brands can support customers, today, the reputable nail suppliers that specialize in supplying and manufacturing nail polish such as: Lavis Nail system, LDS, OPI, SNS, DND, Gelish, etc have launched a range of soak off gel polish products that are available at a wide range of prices and allow you more freedom to create your own new nail designs.

How Can We Use Gel Polish to Apply on Nails?

There are some popular gel nail techniques today are: color gel nail polish, embossed flower gel nail art, rhinestones, hidden gel flower brush, etc. Depending on the preferences of the customer, the gel manicure process will there are some extra special steps.

The gel nail procedure can be to use polish gel to apply directly on your nails after filing, trimming and applying primer. Or you can also use full cover nail tips to attach the nails, then polish and shape them to your liking and apply the nail primer to help the gel nail polish stick better on the nails’ surface and after that, apply gel nail polish colors. In particular, you need to combine smoothly with other techniques to create outstanding and attractive gel nail designs.

Tips to Clean up Old Polish Colors Gel Nails

It is very important to thoroughly clean your nails before changing to a new color. Because of the fact that the gel does not damage your nails, it depends on your care and maintenance was correct or not.

To perform the nail removal step, you should prepare a bowl of warm water mixed with a dedicated acetone solution, then soak your hands for about 10 minutes to let the gel polish gradually peel off and next to this step, you need to use some specialized sandpaper to rub on the nails until the gel layer loses its shine. Or you can still continue to soak for a while to make the gel nails softer. After this step, the nails will be dry, you should prepare some oil or cream products to take care of your nails and limit nail damage.

Final Thought

If you want to do your own gel nails for yourself or your loved ones or friends at any time, you should choose a place that supplies reputable and healthy nail polish gels and tools to avoid causing harmful and unnecessary side effects. Ideally, you should listen to advice from experts to find a quality product!