How to Stop Your Mani From Lifting

You have created your perfect SNS manicure and displayed it all over social media. You receive congratulatory and appreciative calls from friends and loved ones. Anyone would enjoy it. But would you like your DIY powder manicure to lift? Your answer would be in the negative. However, it is common for powder dip manicure to lift if not done properly. There, you have a window of hope. With proper care, you can help premature lifting. Let us explore how to take care of your SNS dip powder and stop your manicure from lifting.

Why does your nail manicure lift?

Here is a valid question. Before we learn how to take care of the nails, we should know why lifting happens in the first place. There are usually two reasons for your nail manicures to lift.

Natural Oily Nail Beds encourage lifting

Some women have dry nail beds, while some have nails beds that are naturally oily. Such nail beds do not allow the dip powder products to adhere to the nails properly. Under such circumstances, it is better to thoroughly clean the nail beds and ensure they are dry before starting your dip powder procedure.

Product getting on the cuticle area

If the dipping powder products get on your cuticles or the skin surrounding your nails, it can cause lifting of the manicure. It is advisable to leave a tiny gap between your manicure and cuticles to prevent the powder from getting on them. One should also wipe off the excess powder that falls on the cuticles or the surrounding skin area.

How to prevent lifting of the dip powder manicure?

Following these points carefully before starting your dip procedure can help prevent lifting.

Push the cuticles back deeply into the skin

You can use a wooden cuticle pusher to push the cuticles into the skin. However, you should not exercise too much force, or you risk injuring them. Once you push back the cuticles, it is advisable to cut off the remaining part attached to the nail surface. If you do not remove the cuticles, the gap between the SNS dip powder and the natural nail encourages the accumulation of dirt and water to cause lifting of the manicure.

Buff your nails well before starting your manicure

If you have naturally oily beds, you should invariably buff your nails using a sterilized nail file. A coarse surface allows the basecoat to adhere to the nail surface better. The objective of buffing the nail is to ensure that product adheres to the surface rather than sliding off the smooth nail bed. One should not touch the nails after buffing them because it can transfer oil back to the nail bed.

Wash your nails after buffing them

One can use a lint-free cloth to wipe off the nail debris after buffing them. It is also advisable to wash your nails with soap and water. Under such circumstances, you should ensure to wipe the nails dry. Any moisture sticking to the nails or the underlying skin can affect the manicure and cause lifting. Besides, it provides a breeding ground for bacteria.

Once you prepare your nails for the manicure, the following steps can help prevent lifting when applying the manicure.

  • When applying the first basecoat, you can ensure better retention by having an additional coat on the nail bed, especially on the areas near the cuticles and at the edges. You should also ensure that the base coat dries completely before you proceed further. It prevents the brush from hardening.
  • You should exercise care when applying the dip powder. The powder can spill over to the sides or over the cuticles. It is better to dust off the powder from these areas before applying the activator gel. A little precaution at this stage of the manicure helps prevent the manicure from lifting at a later stage.
  • Finally, mistakes can also happen when applying the activator gel. One should be careful not to let the gel spillover on the cuticles. If it does happen, you can wipe it off immediately with a cotton ball dipped in acetone.

The idea behind leaving a small gap between the dip powder and cuticle allows the nail to grow naturally. Generally, the nail growth can lift the nail dipping powder kit if you do not leave the gap.

While the lifting of the manicure can look bad, it can also create space for bacterial growth. Water, dirt, and oil can collect inside the gap and cause infections. Nail fungus can be contagious. Hence, a little precaution when applying the dip powder can help save a lot of trouble later on.


Now, you know the secret of having SNS dipping powder nails. Follow the procedure discussed above and flaunt your beautiful nails on Instagram.