How to Stop Your Mani From Lifting

You have created your perfect SNS manicure and displayed it all over social media. You receive congratulatory and appreciative calls from friends and loved ones. Anyone would enjoy it. But would you like your DIY powder manicure to lift? Your answer would be in the negative. However, it is common for powder dip manicure to lift if not done properly. There, you have a window of hope. With proper care, you can help premature lifting. Let us explore how to take care of your SNS dip powder and stop your manicure from lifting.

Why does your nail manicure lift?

Here is a valid question. Before we learn how to take care of the nails, we should know why lifting happens in the first place. There are usually two reasons for your nail manicures to lift.Continue reading “How to Stop Your Mani From Lifting”

Top 6 Best Facial Cleanser to Remove Makeup for 2020

Acne-prone skin is difficult to deal with whether you are choosing a cleanser or a makeup remover. You have to take absolute care that the product must hydrate your skin without leaving any oily residue. We are aware of acne sufferers’ pain, and that’s why here we come up with the list of best facial cleansers to remove the makeup.

Aveeno Clear Complexion Facial Cleanser

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It is a face wash with soy extract for the breakout of the prone skin leading to improve the texture of the face’s skin. Being one of the maximum strength acne medicines, Aveeno fights with the dry skin caused by the variety of makeup used without dulling your natural skin glow.

This facial cleanser will not overdry your skin and is hypo-allergenic to be used on sensitive skin. Apart from this, you can use it daily to remove all your makeup in just one wash and reveal the true radiance of the skin.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Face Wash

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The MicroClear technology used in the making of this cleanser makes it the best salicylic acid face wash. It is a powerful technology that boosts the delivery of salicylic acid acne medication and helps to remove impurities that stick to the face with the makeup.

The makeup you apply daily to your skin makes it dull and there is a need for special treatment that can promote your healthier-looking skin. This cleanser will give you a salon treatment for you right at your place.

Paulas Choice Salicylic Acid Exfoliant

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With 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid, this face wash exfoliates the dead skin cells, unclog the enlarged pores, and brighten the even skin tone. It is gentle to use daily and suitable for all skin types. You will see a drastic change in your skin’s texture that gets rough after applying the creams and foundations.

However good the makeup products may be, they still damage the natural glow of the skin. But with the cleanser, all the fine lines and wrinkles get reduced, providing a younger look. Continue reading “Top 6 Best Facial Cleanser to Remove Makeup for 2020”

Top 6 Best Korean Toner for Your Skincare Routine

A skin toner is very essential product to be used after cleansing your face and completing skin care routine. It highly increases the penetration of nourishing ingredients into the skin and also helps in removal of any last, minor traces of impurities from the epidermal layer. Talking about Korean skin care products, there is no doubt about their efficacy and this is the reason that these products are getting famous with every passing day. If you haven’t tried the Korean products yet, I suggest you to take a look at our recommended best Korean toners and I am sure they will become a permanent part of your skin care routine.

ETUDE HOUSE Soon Jung pH5.5 Relief Toner

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Soon Jung toner has the ideal pH for all skin types, especially those which are more prone to irritation and allergies. It gives a cooling sensation and helps in relieving stress from the skin. It prevents dryness and flaking out of skin and keeps it nourished. The dermatological testing has proved the non comedogenic and hypoallergenic nature of the product. It is perfect to maintain the natural texture of the facial skin.

KLAIRS Supple Preparation Facial Toner

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Klairs facial toner has incredible hydrating, cleansing and soothing properties. Used after washing your face, it further smoothes out the skin cells and gives a silky and glowing texture. The natural formulation allows quick absorption into the skin and shows results instantly. It is good enough that you can use it in place of a facial serum.

Innis free Green Tea Balancing Skin

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If you are looking for the best Korean toner for oily skin, you would definitely not miss this one out. The watery texture of the toner not only allows easy application but also prevents clogging of pores which is one of the main causes of oil deposits. The natural ingredients provide boost of hydration and keep the skin soft and supple. They also make the cells healthy enough to produce their own moisture content and keep it balanced. The green tea extract in the formulation is the major nourishing component.Continue reading “Top 6 Best Korean Toner for Your Skincare Routine”

How to Prevent Dip Powder Liquids from Going Bad

If you are a professional manicurist working in a salon or an artistic manicure lover who prefers to do the nails at home, there are some uniform skills that every person who comes into contact with different polishes must possess. One of the facets of beauty that you need to be acquainted with is the art of storing dip powder liquids to prevent them from spoiling. Just like the recommendations for storing drugs are highlighted on the container, most of the dip powder liquid containers come with the storage instructions. Failure to adhere to the provided storage guidelines results in faster spoiling even before you can enjoy the value for your money, which implies that you will be forced to dig deeper into your pocket to purchase a new kit. It does not matter the type of dip powder polish that you are using, but you will require a liquid bond which, when spoilt, results to weird looking SNS, DND, Kiara Sky, or Nugenesis dip powder nails. Is that what you want? Wastage is costly, but it can be easily be avoided by following simple storage steps.

Avoid Introducing Dip Powder into the Resin Bottle

The most significant disadvantage of using dip powder manicure is dealing with the brush used in applying essential liquids that facilitate adherence of the powder on the nails. The liquids are known as resins, but they are usually labeled as finishing gel, topcoat, or base gel by different brands. In terms of their chemical composition and the ingredients used in their manufacture, the liquids are similar to glue.Continue reading “How to Prevent Dip Powder Liquids from Going Bad”

Top 5 Best Natural Face Toners for the Brightest, Smoothest Skin of All Time

Toners play a vital role in rejuvenating your skin. For instance, if you apply a natural toner for dry skin, then you will have a well-hydrated supple face at any time of the day. For a flawless and smooth skin experience, you can opt for the best natural face toner available.

ETUDE HOUSE Soon Jung pH5.5 Relief Toner

Amazon best-selling product B06Y415Q13

The toner by Soon Jung has a cooling effect on your skin as it has the PH value similar to that of your skin. It contains an ingredient called Panthenol, which hydrates your skin and forms a protective barrier that soothing it.

It is the best Korean toner for dry skin as it uses the mildest ingredients and does not use any harsh ingredients which further tend to dry your skin.

Proactiv Hydrating Facial Toner For Sensitive Skin

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The alcohol-free sensitive skin toner with glycolic acid and witch hazel toner helps balance your skin’s PF value. It removes the impurities and tightens the pores, which do not allow the breakouts to appear. This toner also moisturizes your facial skin and stimulates the growth of healthy tissue.

The botanical extracts play a vital role in refining the pores and production of excess oil, making you look fresh the whole day long. You can use it even for sensitive skin as It is made of gentle and natural ingredients that do not irritate the skin.Continue reading “Top 5 Best Natural Face Toners for the Brightest, Smoothest Skin of All Time”